Like a Dream


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Like a Dream


“Are you thirsty?” Leona asks Brady.

“Oh yes, please, whatever you have is fine with me,” Brady answers while fanning his face.

She hums all the way into the kitchen completely oblivious. Amelia quickly walks upstairs to get away from her. When she reaches the top, Leona’s deep voice rattles her bones.

“Amelia, can you get the boys and come down here, please?” she yells. Dammit! I was so close.

They descend back down and plant at the bottom of the stairs. Brady rises off the couch and goes into the bathroom, where he flashes them a smile as he closes the door.

“Listen, I’m going to spend the night with Brady. I won’t be back for a few days. If you need anything, you have my cell number. If I hear about anything crazy while I’m gone, you will answer to me. Do we understand each other?” she growls as she grits her teeth.

“Yes, ma’am,” they all reply.

She stares at Eli and Navid. “Did you find jobs?” Navid sadly looks down.

“I found one as a waiter at a local restaurant,” Eli answers.

“I’m sorry, Mom, but every place I went to wasn’t hiring. But on Monday morning I will find something,” Navid assures her. He doesn’t make eye contact and stares at the floor like a scared puppy.

Amelia can tell Leona wants to smack him, but she contains herself since she knows Brady’s close by. “You had better find something soon, or else,” she demands, pointing her finger. Without taking her eyes off Navid she says, “Amelia, will you excuse us please?”

Amelia nods and runs back upstairs to listen.

“You two had better watch her and make sure she doesn’t leave this house. She’s not allowed to go anywhere unless I’m with her. You got it?” she whispers firmly.

“Yes, ma’am,” they both answer.

“Okay, you can go now. Have fun. By the way, when do you start work, Eli?”

“Tomorrow morning. I’ll be there for eight hours.”

She rolls her eyes and exhales. “Okay, well I’d rather you stay here and watch her, but that’s fine. Navid, you better make sure all is good when I return,” she warns.

“I will, Mom, don’t worry.”

Amelia sighs with relief, happy to hear Navid will be there instead of Eli. She creeps into her room and closes the door. She can hear Eli and Navid coming up the steps like thunder. Once they go to their rooms, Amelia puts her ear to the door and hears Brady closing the bathroom door downstairs. She’s positive he was listening the entire time. Tap! Tap! Startled, she turns around and slowly walks to her back door.

“Amelia, let me in. It’s Navid.”

“You scared me. Why would you come through this way?”

“I didn’t want Mom to catch me in here. I just wanted to say don’t worry about anything. You know I got your back, and I don’t think Eli really cares,” he assures her.

“Oh I know. You’ve been really cool. Navid, I want to thank you again for being sincere and caring about me. I know it can’t be easy.”

His smile fades as he somberly walks into the room and slumps down in a chair. “Amelia, do you remember that day in the car when Mom told you we were moving to Missouri?”

“I remember it like it was yesterday. Why?” she asks miserably. I’ve been trying to forget about the horror of that day. Why is he bringing it up?

He ponders something before finally speaking with tears in his eyes. “When you opened that car door and tried to jump to your death, something inside me changed. I was sick and ashamed of myself and Mom. The fact that you would rather die than be in our company said a lot. It spoke volumes. It made me reevaluate myself, and I decided from that day forward I would be a different person, a person that you could look up to and trust. None of this is your fault. I don’t want to be like my mother anymore.” He wipes his face and stares at the floor. “No offense, but you’re just a child and you were innocent in this whole thing. And you certainly don’t deserve to deal with Mom’s abuse on top of everything else.”

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Like a Dream


“So what’s your full name?” she asks.

“Aaron Basilio Rice. I’m named after my father, except for my middle name. My mother is Cuban and wanted me to have her father’s name too.”

“So your grandfather’s first name is Basilio?”

“Yes and my little brother, Micah, has my grandfather’s first name on my dad’s side,” he continues.

“That’s cool how they kept the names in the family.” They continue to talk about similar interests. After a while, Aaron stands up to stretch. Amelia looks at her watch and realizes they’ve been talking for hours.

“Do you have to go?” Amelia asks sadly.

He takes out his cell phone and checks the time. “Yes. I have to pick up my little brother from summer camp. Do you have a cell phone or a number where I can reach you?”

“I did, but it broke and my aunt’s not buying me another one. We have a landline but I’d rather not use that unless I have to. I’m sorry. I know it would be a lot easier.” She puts her head down and shakes her head, trying to forget how her phone broke.

“No it’s cool. I know where to find you,” he says, helping her to her feet. She dusts herself off and looks up at him. He touches her face. “I’ll see you soon.”

“Okay, drive safe.” She watches him leave, wishing he could stay forever. She sorrowfully gathers the picnic basket and the blanket and moseys into the house. Navid is in the kitchen getting something to eat. “Hey, I didn’t know you were back. You could have come to the backyard. We had plenty of sandwiches.”

“Where’s Mom?” He walks to the living room and comes back to the kitchen. Why is he so nervous?

“She’s out with Brady. I think they went for a walk, but that was a few hours ago. She should be back soon. Why?”

“I hadn’t seen her, just wondering.”

“Navid, are you okay? You’re acting weird.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just that Mom told us to go find jobs and I haven’t found one yet. I know she’s going to get mad at me, so I’d rather just get it over with.”

“Well, I’m sure you’ll find one soon. Did Eli find a job?”

“Yeah, he got one as a waiter.” He bites into an apple while looking over his shoulder.

“Navid, don’t worry, something will come along soon. In the meantime, try and relax. You know she can smell fear,” Amelia jokes.

“You’re right. I think I’m just on edge, that’s all. She doesn’t want us to get close to you anymore, you know. That’s why she’s insisting we start working as soon as possible. But maybe I should hold off on the job hunting for a while. I’m worried about you being alone with her, Amelia. You don’t know how insane she can really get,” he admits sadly.

She lifts his chin and whispers, “I know more than you think.” Tears fill his eyes.

He looks down and takes another bite of the apple. Then he looks up at her and opens his mouth like he’s about to say something when Leona comes through the door with Brady. They’re both laughing and holding hands without noticing Amelia and Navid in the kitchen. As she and Brady head into the living room, Navid saunters right past them and goes upstairs.

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Like a Dream


She blushes and stares at the grass, shaking her head. He makes her feel like she’s the luckiest girl in the world. Hours ago, she felt like the saddest girl in the world. The irony alone is throwing her for a loop. But Aaron is a beautiful gift she intends to embrace with arms wide open. She doesn’t care who knows how she feels, and has accepted the fact that she was in love before they met. While taking in their surroundings, they eat in silence and enjoy each other’s presence. Every time they look at each other, Amelia feels an intense connection that is overwhelming, to say the least. But there is one thing she must get off her chest before it drives her crazy.

“Aaron, on the outside of the envelope you spelled out my whole name. How did you know that my middle name is Lisette?” Please don’t say anything creepy.

He gawks at her and takes a deep breath. “Then it’s true? I didn’t know. How do I explain? Do you remember when we first met and the first thing you said was, your eyes are green?”

“Yes, that was my confirmation that you were the guy I dreamed about. Why?”

“Well, in my dream I heard someone say, Amelia Lisette, and they were telling me to hold on and to wait for you. I couldn’t remember your first name, but Lisette stayed in my mind. When you introduced yourself as Amelia, I figured Lisette must have been your middle name, but I wasn’t sure.” He sits back against the tree and smiles as if he just solved a riddle, but she’s still dumbfounded.

“So if what you’re saying is true, you are really the man of my dreams and I am yours?”

“No, you’re the woman of mine,” he laughs.

She rolls her eyes. “You know what I mean.” She relaxes and nestles against the tree next to him. He effortlessly puts his arm around her. The wind is blowing calmly through the trees and the sun shines on them, illuminating their eyes. The dreams they both had scare her and she wonders why it happened and why they met when they did. What if I had gone to a waterpark instead? Would he have been there? Was he put here to give me a reason to live or vice versa? Whatever the reason, she couldn’t be more thrilled that he’s come into her life.

“So where are your parents? Why are you living with your aunt?” he asks.

She looks down and bites her bottom lip. “It’s a long story,” she replies tersely. She anxiously glances at his reaction, but he doesn’t seem to be suspicious. “Hey, how old are you, by the way?”

“Why? If I say I’m thirty, then the deal’s off?” he jokes. She stares at him until he answers. “I’m seventeen. My birthday was March twenty-third.”

“Oh, so did you have a big party?”

“No, my parents asked me what I wanted and I told them a car. They got me that BMW I pulled up in. It’s so cool because I wasn’t expecting that for my first car. My parents are pretty awesome. They would like you.”

“How do you know that?” Amelia smiles.

“Because I like you. You’re a good person, Amelia.” He touches her face with his warm hands and smiles as if he’s known her forever.

She stands up and turns to him. “For all you know I could be evil, or in a violent gang or something.”

“Yeah, The Get Along Gang!” he snickers. He stands up and takes her hand. “You couldn’t be evil if you tried, I know that.” He tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and smiles. They both stare at each other, locked into a trance of unfamiliar territory, until Amelia breaks free.

“Well I’m full. Do you want to go for a walk? Are you bored?” she says, swinging her arms back and forth.

“Relax, I’m having the time of my life. It’s nice to sit and talk without being in such a hurry.” He grins at her and motions for her to sit back down.

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Like a Dream


She steps closer and inhales. “Hey, see anything interesting out there?” she jokes.

“Yeah, there’s a bluebird on that branch over there. I swear it looked right at me. It’s been singing this whole time.”

“I’ve seen it a few times by my window. I figure maybe he’ll bring me good luck or something,” she replies anxiously.

“If that’s true, then he’s already brought me mine,” he says with a smile. He shyly stares at her and then nervously looks away. When Amelia’s legs start to wobble, she finds the nearest chair and tumbles into it. Her mind is telling her to run over and hug him, but instead she looks down and blushes. What was I doing? Oh yeah…food. She carefully stands and opens the refrigerator, embracing the cool air.

“I got your letter the other day,” she confesses with her head still in the fridge, a safe place for her at the moment. Aaron walks toward her and takes a seat at the island. She looks over and sees him playing with his hands.

“I wanted you to know how I felt, but I couldn’t express it at the time,” he whispers without looking up. He’s so freaking cute.

“Are sandwiches okay? I thought maybe we could sit under my favorite tree in the backyard and have a picnic, if that’s alright with you?”

“I couldn’t think of anything better. It will give us some privacy to talk. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Yes. There are some blankets in the closet over there. Why don’t you take one out and spread it under the tree. Do you know which tree?” she asks. He winks at her and walks away with a huge smile.

She prepares the ham and cheese sandwiches and packs some grapes and ice tea in the picnic basket. “I can’t believe he’s here,” she whispers. She runs some cool water on a paper towel and dabs her warm face and neck. When she walks outside, the sweet aroma of the coneflowers mixed with the fresh smell of the trees invades her senses. Every time she walks out back, it’s like a new experience and she immediately relaxes. Of course the scenery is even better today, as she stares at the man of her dreams waiting under her favorite tree.

“Isn’t it beautiful out here? It’s like an enchanted forest or something,” she says while taking a seat on the blanket.

“Yes it is, and…so are you.”

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Like a Dream


What does he mean by that? “Um, yes. Why?”

“Oh no reason, I was just making conversation. I know your aunt can be a little harsh, but you and the boys are happy?” He crosses his arms and waits for her response. As he studies her facial expressions, she’s positive that he’s asking her something that has nothing to do with her happiness.

“Oh yeah, I’m great,” she answers. He nods and looks down at his watch. He’s definitely hiding something. It’s written all over his face.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how did you get that bruise on your leg?”

She looks down and realizes she’s still bruised from the shot Mr. Wilkers gave her.

“I ran into my corner table. I can be a little clumsy. Well, it was nice talking to you.” She runs back upstairs and closes her door.

She paces and bites her nails. Realizing that Brady’s a little too aware of what’s going on aggravates her and she hopes he doesn’t stir up any trouble. When the door closes downstairs, she sighs with relief, assuming they’re out of the house. She puts on a pair of capris to hide her bruise and takes out the letter Aaron left her. It makes her feel better knowing he has feelings for her—at least she hopes he still does. Once again his heartfelt confession puts a smile on her face, but it is short-lived as she’s consumed with boredom.

She starts thinking about her parents, which only makes her feel worse so she goes downstairs to find something to eat. To drown out the craziness in her mind, she turns on the radio and blasts it loud enough to scare the birds outside. As she opens the fridge, she hears the faint sound of the doorbell but is reluctant to answer since they don’t get many visitors. When it rings again, she opens the door. Butterflies in her stomach begin to rise and her palms start to sweat. Aaron stands there, looking ridiculously handsome. When they lock eyes, he smiles and puts his hands in his pockets.

“Hey, I’m sorry to show up unannounced, but I wanted to see if you were hungry.” Amelia’s mouth flies open, and she quickly closes it.

“Hi, I wasn’t expecting you.”

He looks down and runs his fingers through his curls. “Yeah, I’ve been thinking about you a lot and figured it was a nice day to hang out or see if you’re okay. If this isn’t a good time I can come back later.”

Is he crazy? I don’t care if I’m on my death-bed it’s never a bad time to see him. “Don’t be silly. Come on in. I was just looking in the fridge to see what I could find to eat.” She’s powerless to stop the cheesy grin on her face. He follows her into the kitchen. Her mind is racing so fast she can barely put one foot in front of the other.

“Why don’t you have a seat at the table and I’ll be right back,” she suggests. She walks around the corner and sprints into the bathroom where she combs her hair and checks her makeup. Thank God the bruise on my face cleared up. After straightening her clothes and rinsing her mouth she glides out of the bathroom. Still flustered, she strolls back to the kitchen and watches as he looks out the window and into the backyard. His emerald-green shirt defines every muscle on his upper body, and his dark blue jeans fit as though they were made just for him. Why does he have to be so attractive? I can feel my mouth watering like some pervert. Stay cool, Amelia, don’t scare him off.

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