Netflix: The Haunting of Hill House

hill house

One of the reasons I wanted to watch this series is because I am a big fan of horror movies and it’s the perfect time of year to get you in the Halloween spirit. Boy was I surprised at how well this show was written and directed. When it comes to scary movies, you don’t expect much in terms of story line and characters. All you know is that there is a monster killing people for no apparent reason and we all get a thrill at the ominous tones that inform us of an impending scary scene. As a child I really enjoyed Freddy Krueger and Jason because I found it more funny than scary, especially when someone was being chased by a walking villain only to fall and roll around in fear instead of getting the heck out of there.

I never got a chance to read The Haunting of Hill House, which was written by the great Shirley Jackson, but I did see a 90’s movie version of the book, which I thought was pretty good.

The show begins with a family of seven living in a 100 year old house which we learn later that they bought it as a fixer upper and was only supposed to stay over the summer, long enough to fix it up and sell it. Unfortunately, strange things started to happen inside the house to the point that everyone started to see things that weren’t there and experienced very vivid nightmares about ghosts who may be living in the house.

The first episode starts where Nelly, one of the set of twins is screaming because she keeps having nightmares about the same scary lady. She shares a room with her twin brother Luke, who also shares his own fears about seeing things. If you enjoy a lot of “then” and “now”, then you’ll really like the layout of the story. The episodes are divided from each person’s point of view and what they experienced in the house. Now that the five kids have grown up, we learn how the house affected them when they were kids through the flashbacks and what horrible demons they carry with them in present time from day to day. As I watched each episode, I got more and more mad at the parents because there were some scenes that were so terrible I thought why not just grab your kids and get them out of the house. But that would have made too much sense.

In present time, Steven Crain, who is the oldest son is famous for writing a book about his experiences in the house. But his siblings aren’t too pleased with what he wrote because he capitalized on their grief and experiences all the while in disbelief about the  things they actually saw. From what we see, the family is torn apart by a tragic event that left with them with more questions and sadness.

The parents, Hugh and Olivia Crain seem like the best parents in the world but we learn that being inside the house has taken a toll on them both, especially Olivia. Their neighbors, the Dudleys have warned them about paranormal events that have happened inside the house over the years and that they refuse to come over after dark, basically implying that the house is somehow alive and is what’s causing everyone to see things that aren’t there and causing them to behave a certain way.

For someone who doesn’t scare easily, I found myself covering my eyes and jumping a lot. There was one car scene where I actually screamed. So if you watch this show, just brace yourself. You really can’t prepare for it. There was a few tragic parts of the story I wish would’ve turned out differently but it all came together in the end and it answered any questions I may have had from earlier episodes. You can’t help but feel sorry for the entire family and what they went through but overall I give it 5 stars because it was very good from beginning to end. If there is a season 2 I’m in!!


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