Like a Dream


She blushes and stares at the grass, shaking her head. He makes her feel like she’s the luckiest girl in the world. Hours ago, she felt like the saddest girl in the world. The irony alone is throwing her for a loop. But Aaron is a beautiful gift she intends to embrace with arms wide open. She doesn’t care who knows how she feels, and has accepted the fact that she was in love before they met. While taking in their surroundings, they eat in silence and enjoy each other’s presence. Every time they look at each other, Amelia feels an intense connection that is overwhelming, to say the least. But there is one thing she must get off her chest before it drives her crazy.

“Aaron, on the outside of the envelope you spelled out my whole name. How did you know that my middle name is Lisette?” Please don’t say anything creepy.

He gawks at her and takes a deep breath. “Then it’s true? I didn’t know. How do I explain? Do you remember when we first met and the first thing you said was, your eyes are green?”

“Yes, that was my confirmation that you were the guy I dreamed about. Why?”

“Well, in my dream I heard someone say, Amelia Lisette, and they were telling me to hold on and to wait for you. I couldn’t remember your first name, but Lisette stayed in my mind. When you introduced yourself as Amelia, I figured Lisette must have been your middle name, but I wasn’t sure.” He sits back against the tree and smiles as if he just solved a riddle, but she’s still dumbfounded.

“So if what you’re saying is true, you are really the man of my dreams and I am yours?”

“No, you’re the woman of mine,” he laughs.

She rolls her eyes. “You know what I mean.” She relaxes and nestles against the tree next to him. He effortlessly puts his arm around her. The wind is blowing calmly through the trees and the sun shines on them, illuminating their eyes. The dreams they both had scare her and she wonders why it happened and why they met when they did. What if I had gone to a waterpark instead? Would he have been there? Was he put here to give me a reason to live or vice versa? Whatever the reason, she couldn’t be more thrilled that he’s come into her life.

“So where are your parents? Why are you living with your aunt?” he asks.

She looks down and bites her bottom lip. “It’s a long story,” she replies tersely. She anxiously glances at his reaction, but he doesn’t seem to be suspicious. “Hey, how old are you, by the way?”

“Why? If I say I’m thirty, then the deal’s off?” he jokes. She stares at him until he answers. “I’m seventeen. My birthday was March twenty-third.”

“Oh, so did you have a big party?”

“No, my parents asked me what I wanted and I told them a car. They got me that BMW I pulled up in. It’s so cool because I wasn’t expecting that for my first car. My parents are pretty awesome. They would like you.”

“How do you know that?” Amelia smiles.

“Because I like you. You’re a good person, Amelia.” He touches her face with his warm hands and smiles as if he’s known her forever.

She stands up and turns to him. “For all you know I could be evil, or in a violent gang or something.”

“Yeah, The Get Along Gang!” he snickers. He stands up and takes her hand. “You couldn’t be evil if you tried, I know that.” He tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and smiles. They both stare at each other, locked into a trance of unfamiliar territory, until Amelia breaks free.

“Well I’m full. Do you want to go for a walk? Are you bored?” she says, swinging her arms back and forth.

“Relax, I’m having the time of my life. It’s nice to sit and talk without being in such a hurry.” He grins at her and motions for her to sit back down.

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About shinaj1

Shina James is the author of LIKE A DREAM and MONSTROUS TIES, which are both available on Amazon as well as multiple retailers. She is currently working on the final book in the LIKE A DREAM series, WAKING AMELIA and can't wait to share it with her readers. While residing in Texas, she loves spending time with her husband and two kids.
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