Like a Dream


“This is so amazingly crazy!” she squeals. She holds the letter close to her heart, reciting every word in her mind. But one thing she doesn’t understand is how he knows her middle name without her ever telling him? For now she brushes it off and will make a point to ask him when she sees him again. Now that she’s in a much better mood, she figures this would be a good time to check on her dad’s condition. She searches through her purse and finds Nurse Jolene’s card and runs downstairs to use the landline.

“Stillwater Medical Center, this is Jolene,” she answers.

“Hi, this is Amelia. I was calling to check on my father, Cash Waters.”

“Amelia! Hey, I was getting worried about you. You haven’t called in a while.”

“I know. I’ve been a little busy. I just had a birthday.”

“Oh, well, happy birthday! May you have many more,” she replies.

“Thank you so much.”

“Honey, your father was transferred to another facility a few weeks ago. We tried to get in touch with your aunt, but the number was disconnected,” she informs her.

“He was transferred already? I guess time flies by.”

“It sure does. Unfortunately, there’s no big change in his condition, but he is breathing on his own now. Other than that he’s very much in a coma and showing no signs otherwise. I have to tell you, it’s strange that he hasn’t come out of it yet.” She pauses for a few seconds and continues, “I usually don’t say this to people, but I feel like I can be straight with you. His vitals are pretty good and he’s stable, but it’s like he’s trapped. I’ve seen patients in his condition before that either come out of it right away, or they end up in a coma for years and years.”

“So you’re saying that he’s never going to wake up?” Amelia cries. She runs her hands over her face and through her hair. This is awful news.

“I’m not saying never, but, honey, it doesn’t look good. I want you to focus on your life and taking care of yourself. There’s nothing wrong with praying for a miracle, but just know that he’s in a great facility and he’s being looked after by an excellent medical staff.”

Once again she’s let down. She convinces herself that whenever she calls there will be good news, but each time it’s worse than before. She knows Jolene’s right. If Cash still hasn’t come out of the coma, then he’s probably not going to. “Well, I really appreciate you telling me every…” Click! Amelia slams the phone down after hearing a key in the door.

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About shinaj1

Shina James is the author of LIKE A DREAM and MONSTROUS TIES, which are both available on Amazon as well as multiple retailers. She is currently working on the final book in the LIKE A DREAM series, WAKING AMELIA and can't wait to share it with her readers. While residing in Texas, she loves spending time with her husband and two kids.
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