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I’ll be signing copies of MONSTROUS TIES on Saturday June 10th at 11 am at THE TWIG BOOKSHOP. If you’re in the San Antonio area please come by and get a signed copy!! For more information just tap the following link:

Here’s a taste of Chapter 1:

Amelia stares at the luminous light, unable to imagine what fool would have the audacity to walk away. There is nothing behind her but gloom and utter darkness—the scary kind—the kind where you know that there are horrible and unimaginable things to follow. Only she’s not completely sure. Her only certainty is that she loves Aaron and that she can’t be without him. She shades her eyes with her hand and steps closer. She glides slowly, gracefully on weightless feet. The pain she once felt in her chest is gone, but her heart still thumps loudly in her ears, so she’s positive she’s not dead.

All she has to do is walk into the light and end her sadness and worries forever, but the reality is she didn’t come this far to die—or live for eternity. She just wants Aaron and somehow knows he’s not in there, yet. As her traitorous feet continue to move forward in the direction of paradise, she is flattered to know that Heaven awaits her. As she scans to her left and then her right, she finds herself ambivalent about how to resolve her plight.

In a flash, her feet lift off the ground, but ironically, she’s not afraid. If anything, she’s liberated and excited as the light gets brighter and brighter. She glides ahead, and then abruptly pauses mid-air. Am I to be taken away within the blink of an eye, or do I have a choice? She wonders. “What do I do?” she whispers.

Without warning, the finality of her decision almost knocks the wind out of her.  She breathes in the sweetest air as beads of sweat stream from her armpits. Suddenly, small creatures scurry out of the light. They flutter all around her, making her laugh until she’s brimming with happiness. She slowly reaches out her hand to touch one, but they quickly move away. She is almost engulfed in the light feeling at peace when her subconscious awakens—she can’t remember if there was something she was supposed to do.

As she lets the tiny angels guide her toward divinity, she is moved to want to share this experience with someone—then Aaron pops into her mind.

“Huh!” she gasps as if someone just slapped her in the face. She immediately snaps out of euphoria and lands on her bottom.

“Ouch!” Tears pour out of her eyes as she realizes she was just about to give up without even knowing it. “I’m sorry but I have to go!”

She leaps up, rubs her throbbing tailbone, and runs away. She sprints so fast her legs barely have time to adjust to the speed. She keeps running until she’s far away from anything resembling Heaven. Her worries and most terrifying thoughts skewer into her mind, which forces her to stop and catch her breath. As horrible as she feels right now, away from the light, she knows she’s one step closer to finding Aaron—and that makes it all worth it.

There’s a long journey ahead of her, but she feels empowered to start her assigned mission. She speed walks into a slight jog through plumes of dark mist until she embarks upon a frightful existence. Now, every nerve in her body awakens as if each ending was purposely set on fire. Her skin stings from head to toe as the familiarity of her surroundings sink in. It dawns on her that this is where she saw Aaron for the first time. “I’m in the swamp,” she whispers. She treads forward, crosses her arms over her chest, and then she stumbles upon a gathering of rodents. An all-black one stops chewing on a carcass and stares at her. She flinches as it’s beady eyes dig into her almost as if it could see her soul. A cool squall releases a strong odor of decay and she holds her breath. Pinching her nose, she reluctantly braves the smell and slowly moves away.

MONSTROUS TIES is available here and you can read up on Book 1 here

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Shina James is the author of LIKE A DREAM and MONSTROUS TIES, which are both available on Amazon as well as multiple retailers. She is currently working on the final book in the LIKE A DREAM series, WAKING AMELIA and can't wait to share it with her readers. While residing in Texas, she loves spending time with her husband and two kids.
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