Like a Dream


“Well good morning,” Leona sighs.

“Hey, how did you sleep?” Amelia asks.

“I slept pretty well actually. I haven’t slept that good in quite a while.”

I’ll bet…murderer. “So are we going into town today?” Amelia looks down and takes a bite of her cereal bar to keep from staring.

“Yes. I’m ready to go. I thought maybe we could have brunch while we’re out,” she says.

They all jump into the car and head into town. After thirty minutes they arrive in The District where they try the local cuisines. Amelia finds Missouri quite agreeable thus far and with Leona willing to buy her whatever she wants, she sees no harm in a little retail therapy. As she browses through the local shops for cute summer clothes, she reminds herself that all of this is a temporary solution until she can be with both of her parents again. The sweet thought of reuniting with them is what keeps her alive and strong, and she refuses to believe otherwise.


As time presses on, Leona becomes a different person. Whatever Amelia asks for she gets. Navid and Eli offer to hang out with her and show her they care. Amelia never thought she would see the day. That talk Leona had with them really paid off because their attitudes completely changed. But Amelia can’t help but think that they’re her lapdogs. They do whatever she says, regardless of if they like it or not. She can’t help but wonder if they’re happy.


Now that June is upon them, Amelia’s birthday is only a few days away, giving her something to look forward to. Leona’s been so excited with planning everything that it’s made Amelia excited as well. It’s definitely a bittersweet moment since she can’t celebrate it with her parents. To remind herself of her mother, Amelia planted coneflowers toward the back gate and now they’re in full bloom, almost as if they know her birthday is near. They’re the perfect shade of purplish-pink and give off the sweetest scent of honey. Alexandria always wore sweet-smelling perfume and this is as close to her as Amelia can get. Leona wanted to plant roses, but Amelia wouldn’t hear of it. Of course Leona couldn’t understand why.

The tall trees add so much beauty to the yard, providing a sense of peace. Amelia swears their backyard has got something magical. Whenever she gets frustrated or just wants to be alone, she sits under her tree to relax, and she always feels better.

The morning of her birthday, she awakes happy and thrilled to get the day started. Despite the events that got her there, she wants to enjoy herself and embrace another milestone in her life. But it’s a tragedy to think that her mother and father are going to miss her sixteenth birthday. How much more are they going to miss? This can’t be the way my life is going play out. Is it?

She’s surprised that her mother hasn’t tried to call her since the day she was arrested. Amelia’s been sneaking into the kitchen at night to charge her phone and to check for missed calls or messages, but the only calls she gets are from her friends back home and her grandparents. Collin left a message saying that she can stay with them whenever she wants, and the last message she heard from Georgia was that she knows where she is and Leona assured her all was well. Of course it angered Amelia that Leona is such a master manipulator. She could convince a fly that it was a cat. But she supposes it’s just as well since she has to stay with them. With Leona watching her grandparents’ every move, Amelia can’t afford to do anything to set her off and at least her grandparents’ minds are at ease. As for her mother, she was denied bail and, according to the news, there’s been a court delay so she has yet to go before a judge. Amelia’s thankful for that. Maybe they can keep pushing it back so it’ll give her father time to awaken from his coma and explain everything.

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Shina James is the author of LIKE A DREAM and MONSTROUS TIES, which are both available on Amazon as well as multiple retailers. She is currently working on the final book in the LIKE A DREAM series, WAKING AMELIA and can't wait to share it with her readers. While residing in Texas, she loves spending time with her husband and two kids.
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