Like a Dream


The louder she shouts, the deeper her voice echoes throughout the car. She has to be possessed by a demon. Her golden eyes flicker with malice and her hair is a curly mess, making her resemble an angry lion. Dad was right, Leona can be pretty scary when things don’t go her way.

Amelia’s beside herself with anxiety, grief, and fear. What are they going to do to me? Would she actually kill my grandparents? Oh God, of course she would. She wishes wholeheartedly that she succeeded in her attempt to jump out of the car because she’d rather die than spend another second with them. But since she is alive, she has to find relief in knowing that as long as they have her, her family will be safe.

Amelia nervously reaches into her purse for a tissue and dries her face. She puts her hair into a ponytail and straightens her clothes. Navid’s practically embedded in the car door, completely lost as he looks out the window. She assumes he must be still pretty shaken up. After a moment he snaps out of it and scowls at her.

“Amelia, you are going to pay for what you did. I’m not letting you get away with this,” he whispers. He angrily stares out the window without saying another word.

Leona takes the wheel since Eli is too nervous to drive. Within the blink of an eye, they’re back on the road. Stopping for anything is out of the question, as Leona drives until they’re out of the city. When they arrive in Ottawa, Kansas, they fill up on gas and grab a bite to eat. While eating, there isn’t much conversation between any of them so Amelia thinks of a good way to get on Leona’s nerves, as that is her only weapon. She remembers what her mother told her about Eli and Navid’s father and indulges herself.

“So guys, where’s your father? Do you get to see him much?” Amelia asks casually. She looks straight into Leona’s eyes to get an instant reaction, but to her surprise, Leona keeps a poker face. She’s good. Or maybe…just maybe, Mom was wrong.

“We haven’t seen our father since we were little, and I don’t care to ever see him again. He doesn’t care about us anyway,” Eli grunts.

Amelia sees the hurt in his eyes. “Oh I’m sure that’s not the case, right, Leona?”

Leona flashes a wicked glare and frowns in confusion.

“I don’t know where their father is and I don’t care. And I think you need to mind your own business,” she barks.

“Oh I didn’t want to upset you, just asking.” Amelia laughs internally as she chews on a french fry.

She glances at Navid, who hasn’t said a word. He seems uncomfortable with the conversation, and it makes her wonder if he’s hiding something. Immediately after eating, they get back on the road. Two and a half hours later, they arrive in Columbia, Missouri. Even though it was only a six-hour drive from Stillwater, it’s been the most miserable and frightening six hours of Amelia’s life. She can’t relax until she knows what Leona’s plan is, if she has one. They crash for the night at a hotel, where Amelia gets very little sleep, as she has to share a room with her aunt.


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About shinaj1

Shina James is the author of LIKE A DREAM and MONSTROUS TIES, which are both available on Amazon as well as multiple retailers. She is currently working on the final book in the LIKE A DREAM series, WAKING AMELIA and can't wait to share it with her readers. While residing in Texas, she loves spending time with her husband and two kids.
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