Like a Dream


“What? It’s not our fault your father committed suicide! He had mental issues.”

“I know, but she feels like I should have known that Dad was feeling depressed. But, he’s been depressed since Mom died. She said I was supposed to be in San Antonio working and saving money instead of carrying on with you. He probably thought I was never coming back. I suppose I could’ve called to check on him but I didn’t want to talk to him. Anyway, we got into a big argument, and I told her that I was in love and that she’s not going to blame me for our father’s actions. She said some choice words that I’m not going to mention. After she stormed out of my room, I felt really low and just wanted to die. I’m sorry.”

“No, Cash, don’t apologize. She had no right, and I’m glad you stood up for yourself. Quite frankly, it was none of her business to go snooping around in your room anyway.” Alexandria took a deep breath to suppress her anger.

“Yeah, that’s what I told her. She said we’re not going to get away with it, and that Dad is dead because of my carelessness. Needless to say, I plan on finding a place to live tomorrow, after the funeral.”

“What does she mean we’re not going to get away with it? Is she crazy? We didn’t murder him. Your father drank most of your life. How can she think anything he did made sense?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t want you to worry about her. She can’t hurt us, and I warned her that she will never see me again if she keeps this up.”

“Well I hope she backs off,” Alexandria said warily.

“She will. Everything will be fine,” he assured her.

“Okay, well give me a couple of days to break the news to my parents and I will be there with you.”

“I can’t wait to have those big blue eyes all to myself and kiss every inch of your beautiful body,” Cash confessed.

His words felt like warm milk traveling through her veins, making her blush.

“I can’t wait either. Remember, if you ever have another nightmare you need to call me. I don’t care what time of day or night it is, you shouldn’t have to go through that alone.”

They spoke several times a day and every single night for a week, but Cash kept getting nightmares. She felt so bad for him because he hadn’t gotten a good night’s rest since Abraham had died. She desperately needed to be with him so she could hold him and help him through it. She knew it was time to tell her parents, so she decided to make them breakfast to soften the blow. No matter how many times she played different scenarios in her head, there was no good way to tell them she was leaving. So one morning, she steadied herself and went downstairs to cook.

She made scrambled eggs and bacon. The aroma of coffee filled the kitchen and the dining area. She set the table and waited for her parents to wake up. Eventually, Georgia and Collin came out of their bedroom, amazed that Alexandria actually cooked.


LIKE A DREAM is available for your reading pleasure here and Vol. 2 here 

About shinaj1

Shina James is the author of LIKE A DREAM and MONSTROUS TIES, which are both available on Amazon as well as multiple retailers. She is currently working on the final book in the LIKE A DREAM series, WAKING AMELIA and can't wait to share it with her readers. While residing in Texas, she loves spending time with her husband and two kids.
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